Key Dates for Marketing on Twitter in January 2019

January 7th, 2019

Each month, Twitter reveals a lineup of key dates that historical data shows will be hot topics to Tweet in that upcoming month. The calendar is designed to give businesses and social media marketers a leg up on the kinds of topics and events they can leverage in their Tweets to get the most traction.



Twitter's January 2019 calendar notes interesting holiday, sports, entertainment, and pop culture events that are anticipated to be talked about the most as well as some projected Twitter volume based on past performance. 



Check out the calendar below for some fresh ideas of topics to tap into that are sure to be trending this month: 

SocialOwl Twitter Calendar January 2019


As you can see, Twitter users will be hashtagging about a lot of events, celebrations, and holidays along with other cultural happenings. Make sure to leverage these opportunities and join the conversation on these events, and keep an eye on what's happening locally in your area.

Join the live conversation

According to Twitter, people like to see brands join the conversation with relevant content or deals. Furthermore, 42% more time is spent looking at Twitter Ads relevant to surrounding content.* Come up with some creative ways to join the discussion surrounding these trending topics to reach everyone from football fans during the #NFLPlayoffs entertainment buffs during the People's Choice Awards, Sundance Film Festival, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the #Grammys

Use event hashtags

Using hashtags relevant to holidays and events have always been an easy way to get into the mix with relevant conversations and reach more people. According to Twitter, in 2018 there were 43 Million Tweet impressions surrounding the NFL Playoffs a 45 Million Tweet Impressions surrounding the Grammy Awards.** While these and other topics may be obvious choices to leverage in your social media strategy, don't forget to monitor the trends section of your Twitter account to see the latest trending topics relating to these and other topics.


* EyeSee "Content Impact Study"

**Twitter internal data